Todos Juntos por un Mundo Mejor.

About Us

The World Organization for Peace (OMPP/WOFP) is an international non-profit organization with a presence in four continents. Our primary goal is to promote a ceasefire and an end to hostilities worldwide, to promote peaceful dialogue within all possible scenarios towards a culture of peace and thus achieve global well-being. One of our main functions is to preserve life inside and outside the planet.


By 2030, the World Organization for Peace (OMPP/WOFP) will have a presence in more countries around the world, and will have created more social programs that will substantially help cover the needs of the most vulnerable groups. Additionally, it will have more members committed to the OMPP philosophy of work – humanity. The organization will have demonstrated that peace is a positive, tangible, and achievable measure of human well-being and development. By then, the OMPP will be globally recognized for its contribution and active participation in peaceful dispute resolution, and for its fight to end discrimination, inequality, and violence.

Our Mission

The mission of the World Organization for Peace (OMPP/WOFP) is to preserve human life inside and outside the planet, propose actions for the destiny of humanity, and contribute to a myriad of programs aimed at promoting a culture of peace and goodwill among all people. The organization issues a permanent call to all nations and media worldwide to participate in their own way of working for a culture of peace, fight for dignity, existence, and legitimate rights, and to cease hostilities between all human beings. The OMPP also encourages dialogue and negotiations as a path towards better peaceful coexistence.

How We Work:

As an International Organization, we can complement and support, but not replace, the primary function and responsibility of governments to promote development and welfare, to enforce human rights, and to protect ecosystems. To achieve our objectives, we work in various areas such as education, culture, peace projects, sports, health, environment, infrastructure, and social development, by establishing plans, programs, partnerships, and actions to preserve peace in the world. Additionally, we promote tools and values that encourage the adoption of a culture of peace through humanitarian projects.

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