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Culture Program

Culture Program


The OMPP is aware that by preserving the identity of each community, the transcendence of the community's spirit and historical memory is allowed. By communicating and learning about different cultures in an environment of inclusion, freedom, and respect, new paths for growth and well-being appear, this will transform the world and create a culture of peace.

Defining a culture of peace as the set of conducts and behaviors that refuse violence, conducted through values and attitudes that allow the implementation of strategies for the prevention of conflicts, and thus establish a peaceful solution to disputes, promoting preventive diplomacy, dialogue, and effective negotiation between individuals and nations. Building an intercultural alliance worldwide.



Create and promote cultural projects.
Allow cultural diffusion through the creation, conservation, defense, and enjoyment of cultural heritage while respecting the identity of each community.


Promote actions that promote personal development.
Encourage artistic appreciation, promoting respect and knowledge of different cultures, and fostering the establishment of ties of belonging with the community.


Promote Human Rights.
Promote values ​​and attitudes of solidarity.


Promote values and solidarity attitudes.
Promote understanding and the understanding of the scenarios and causes that led an individual to take measures that break with harmony. Learn from our differences so it can lead us to an enriching process of cultural diversity and the understanding of regional and international contexts.


There is an absence of cultural promotion. We attempt to promote the culture from a peace perspective through all possible scenarios. We assess the place to create objectives according to the needs of each area.

The program aims to spread the culture of peace at a local, regional, national, and international level. This will help support the creation of an international alliance that will hold and enforce the best-known practices for peace. This alliance should be able to preserve the cultural identity while creating the right environment for the birth, development, construction, and maintenance of peace culture.


Through effective coordination with the different actors involved committed to spreading a culture of peace, didactic materials focused on the transmission of a peaceful culture with campaigns to increase the reach and penetration in society are integrated into the above.

Through feasibility studies for the projects, once we achieved the result, the networks, directions, and strategies necessary to implement specialized campaigns for each specific objective are established.


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