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Social Development Program

Social Development Program

Social Development

The main task of the social development program is the reduction and eradication of social backwardness. Solve problems in sectors with the highest index of marginalization through strategic actions.

The adequate management of social development programs will reduce the social inequality gap allowing people, regardless of any social restriction, to access social rights and enjoy a decent standard of living. Contribute to the development of an inclusive and co-responsible society that overcomes the high rate of marginalization, generating an environment of social peace.



Promote healthy coexistence for all sectors of the population.
Through the implementation of artistic projects, physical education, recreational activities, among others. Healthy coexistence will be promoted in all areas to generate an environment of social peace.


Generate a sustainable source of income.
Through courses and seminars in sectors with the highest rate of social backwardness to promote micro-business entrepreneurship. These sectors targeted populations will be monitored to ensure proper functioning.


Promote ethical values in all areas of society with conferences, workshops, and courses.
The application of comprehensive programs will help to promote the different sectors of society. Programs will range from physical and emotional health, parental school, family stress management, work stress management, among others.


Promote inclusion.
Throughout the year, awareness campaigns will be performed among the general population to promote their participation in cultural, economic, and social life.


Promote the participation of civil society and mutual support.
Generate volunteer programs to support the most vulnerable sectors of the population. Volunteers will be trained by specialists to provide optimal care to the target population. Each volunteer will develop skills that will allow them to continue the humanitarian work in different fields and become qualified trainers, creating a social support network.


With the social lag index results, we select the population with the highest degree of marginalization, analyze their needs, and therefore develop a project with specific objectives and scope.

Task assignment begins throughout the WOFP organization according to the established project. Financial analysis, budget allocation, fieldwork in the targeted community, and teamwork with the local government institutions and civil associations with whom we have collaboration agreements. We gather according to the project's needs, a volunteer member committee to help, audit, and watch for the established deadlines and objectives.

Project execution begins. We monitor the previously assigned activities, human resources, financial resources, and the fulfillment of the specific objectives of the project to guarantee the established deadlines.

When we reach the main objective of the project, a final assessment with the registered data is created. This allows measuring the impact on the community, the efficiency of the process, and establish corrective actions and log a knowledge base of indicators that will help in future projects.


Coexistence with senior people

Coexistence with senior people

La Delegación del estado de Nuevo León de la Organización Mundial por la Paz (OMPP/WOFP), el día 25 de enero de 2020 realizó uno...

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Goal achieved: 10 Tons of food delivered by WOFP/OMPP to children of D.P.R.K. from Korea

Goal achieved: 10 Tons of food delivered by WOFP/OMPP to children of D.P.R.K. from Korea

Uno de los principales objetivos de esta gira de trabajo, fue la donación por parte de la Organización Mundial por la Paz...

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Humanitarian Support to damnified people from September 19 earthquake

Humanitarian Support to damnified people from September 19 earthquake

Después de los daños provocados por los terremotos ocurridos en el mes de septiembre del año 2017, la organización logró recopilar más de...

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