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Education Program

Education Program


The mission of the Education Program of the World Organization for Peace is to look after the means so that all human beings have equal access to high-quality free education and training. Everyone should have the same educational opportunities regardless of ethnicity, age, economic situation, or place of residence.

Therefore, counseling is considered essential. Counseling helps students to obtain the best possible performance in their studies and develop their ability to make the right decisions.



Access to dignified education as a human right.
We create synergy with all the institutions that agreed to protect, respect, and enforce access to education so that everyone can take advantage of this human right in decent facilities with access to all services, technology, and educational advancements.


That everyone has the right to high-quality education.
The program seeks that all citizens receive a high-quality education, with the mission of getting the most vulnerable students in the hands of the best teachers, and sharing with students that knowledge helps them to progress and creating a better life quality.


Promote investment in knowledge.
Government and other educational institutions are required to invest and create a financial stimulus to encourage students so that they become national assets for the Country's needs, growth, and intellectual property creation.


Everyone has to have access to a dignified education.
Not all students have the same skills, so educational programs are customized to endorse and reinforce the abilities of every student to the maximum. These educational programs should be conducted in a respectful way to protect the student's self-esteem.


Identify educational deficiencies among the targeted population to provide adequate solutions.

Strategic alliances with educational institutions, government, and other entities that have competence in this matter or that want to join to the fulfillment of the right to quality education for all are created.


Bring education to remote sites through a coordinated effort with the government and society. Social awareness of education is promoted to increase high-quality education demand. The program focuses on the syllabus and evaluating whether the teachers are transmitting knowledge.

In this phase, the feasibilities of each project are assessed to develop the appropriate objectives. This way, everyone receives quality education according to their needs.


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