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The OMPP/WOFP firmly believes that all human beings should live together in a culture of permanent peace, supporting each other like never before in the history of humanity. That’s why the “Currency of Humanity” is introduced, which not only has economic value but also provides peace to its users in their day-to-day activities. It is the first international system of automatic, transparent, traceable, and incorruptible donations.

The PeaceCoin of the OMPP/WOFP is presented to the world as a cryptocurrency that leverages the strengths of existing currencies, being the first and only currency officially sponsored by an International Organization.



The development of strategies within the implementation of programs and projects related to financial matters is of utmost importance to create the appropriate conditions for quality actions. This is the main starting tool for the present department that integrates the OMPP/WOFP.


Taking into account all the processes and activities to be carried out, the departments of the OMPP/WOFP will determine whether it is necessary to carry out any local, national, or international fundraising process to ensure adequate income for these activities.


All departments will be accountable for the expenses and needs required on a monthly basis for each of the activities. This is done with the primary purpose of maintaining a pluralistic environment in all the actions and activities carried out within the OMPP/WOFP.



After conducting a study to locate areas with high levels of marginalization, points with the greatest degree of needs will be selected. This analysis will identify the main support points and, consequently, develop programs with specific objectives and scopes.


According to the established program, the OMPP/WOFP will commence fieldwork in the beneficiary community, working hand in hand with local authorities, public and private sector institutions, civil society at large, and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) with which strategic alliances are maintained. A committee of volunteer members will be assembled, based on the program’s needs, to support and ensure adherence to established deadlines and objectives.


During the program initiation, activities previously assigned, as well as human and financial resources, will be monitored to ensure the complete fulfillment of specific project objectives within the established timelines.


Upon achieving the program’s main objective, a final evaluation will be conducted using all the recorded data. This evaluation will enable an adequate measurement of the impact on the community, the efficiency of the process, and the establishment of corrective actions. Additionally, it will help build a knowledge base and indicators that aid in the creation of new programs.

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