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Health Program

Health Program

Health Program

The World Organization for Peace health program has an organized, coherent, and integrated set of activities and services planned to operate simultaneously with adequate resources to achieve health improvement objectives for a specific population, mainly in areas of greater marginalization and social backwardness.


Jornadas de Salud

Promote healthy habits and lifestyles.


Disease prevention.
Like diabetes and hypertension. Awareness creation on healthy eating habits with available resources.


Provide the first level of medical attention.
And refer critical patients to specialists and high-level medical units for attention.


medical-surgical days in rural areas.
Carry out medical-surgical days in rural areas where the health care system has no coverage.


With the resources of the OMPP/WOFP available at the time and after answering the question: Where do we want to go? the specific needs of the target population are analyzed, determining what can be improved or enhanced.

The established project will include the programs, allocation of resources, determination of the activities, and the methodology to be implemented to reach the stated objectives.


It is the implementation of a previously planned roadmap.

We execute a continuous assessment of the process. The completed and pending actions, areas of opportunity, and the answers to the questions: Did we achieve the established objectives? What did we accomplish? Did we spot new areas of opportunity? are added to the written final report.


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Hotel Filter protects migrants at the northern border from COVID19

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