OMPP/WOFP Global Humanitarian Network

OMPP/WOFP Global Humanitarian Network

The "new reality" forces us to make new decisions, in order to redesign new scenarios to achieve new results in this reality. Without room for mistakes, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted life as we knew it before, however, for us, the commitments previously acquired as a global organization have to continue to be consolidated. Building peace in the world remains a full-time activity.

For this reason, the World Organization for Peace once again assumes the commitment to build solidarity support networks to alleviate the situation of those who have the least, as well as national micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), which are the main providers of employment in Mexico, also, the most important livelihood of many families.

The OMPP / WOFP, in permanent alliance with leading and socially responsible companies, will once again join forces with its strategic allies, companies and personalities from the world of entertainment, art and sports, to sponsor and develop a National Support Campaign in the areas:


1st: Attention to Contingency
2nd: Permanent for the Aftermath of the Contingency

Material assistance, assistance, advice and remote training. Dissemination and motivation campaign.


Finally and facing this "new reality", the World Organization for Peace is aware of the current economic and social situation, derived from the measures to combat COVID-19, for which we reiterate to the public our unrestricted commitment to build a stronger Mexico, a Mexico in peace.

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