Healthy Women Happy Families

Healthy Women Happy Families

Derived from the social backwardness in which different areas of the mayors of Mexico City still suffer, thousands of women still live in a high degree of marginalization, which has a serious impact on their lives, since the vast majority do not have access to basic health services. health, really worrying situation.

Because in the absence of social security, their health status is compromised, because they do not have the possibility of an annual general check-up, which allows them to prevent diseases or illnesses.

Some of the diseases that affect this sector of the capital's population are the human papillomavirus (HPV), sexually transmitted disease (STD), breast cancer, among others, which can put their life at risk, by not having a timely diagnosis and receive appropriate treatment.

Therefore, the World Organization for Peace, through its Social Development coordination and as part of the Mujeres por la Paz program, created the project Mujeres Sanas Familias Felices, in collaboration with the Dr. Manuel Gea González Hospital, which has as The primary objective is to reduce the percentage of lag in health in this vulnerable sector of the population, consequently improving the quality of life of the affected women and their families.

Programs carried out in:

• Primary education campuses: Counseling given to mothers of families with the collaboration of the psychologists of the Youth Integration Center.

• Plaza Zarco, in the downtown area of ​​CDMX: talk given by the Psychologist Adriana González, addressed to women on the streets.