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About Us

About WOFP

About Us

World Organization For Peace (WOFP) is an international non-profit organization. Preservation of human life inside and outside our planet is our primary objective. We take into consideration for this objective the human-driven outer space expeditions that allowed us to reach other planets and contributed to technology upgrades and discoveries for the benefit of humanity. Our primary objectives are to promote a ceasefire, a cessation of hostilities throughout the world, and the promotion of peaceful dialogue looking towards a permanent culture of peace that helps to achieve global well-being.

WOFP Mission


Establish programs that help promote peace and provide analytical tools to achieve a culture of peace. Eradicate armed conflicts all over the world. Help develop inclusive opinions, alternative visions, and deeper scope through the formulation of policies focused on the search for peace.

WOFP Vision


By 2022 the World Organization for Peace will be recognized globally for its contribution and active participation on peaceful resolutions of disputes, for its collaboration to end discrimination, inequality, and violence in all its forms, as well as preventing its causes. Support and develop people's unity through harmony in a respectful world that cares for and preserves the environment and life in all its forms.