World Organization for Peace

 Celso Roloff

Delegate for Brazil

Carlos Miguel Puelma Marchetti

Delegate for Chile

 Alejandro Tapia

Delegate for Uruguay

 Enrique Raso

High Commissioner for the Kingdom of Spain

 Daniel Ernesto Valles Vargas

International Anti-corruption Commissioner

 Lido Bari

 Director Sport and Peace

 Ana Lilia Mejía Zuazo

Delegate for Costa Rica

 Rodrigo Iturra Becerra

SubDelegate for Chile

Yun Xiang Tseng

Delegate for the United States of Americ

 Ignacio Santos

High Commissioner for the Kingdom of Spain

 Alexander Shin

High Commissioner for Asia

 Elizabeth Caballero Espinoza

Commissioner for Financing and Resources

 Dong Xiyuan

Delegate of the city of Beijing

Germán Valverde González

Sub Delegate for Costa Rica

Xavier Jesús Hidalgo Cepeda

Delegate for Ecuador

Jylman Red Jurado

Delegate for Venezuela

 Salvatore Adamo

Delegate for Italy

 Mr. Byungkwan Yoo

Delegate for the Republic of Korea

Francisco José González Del Pozo

Delegate for Cape Verde

 Ahoua Stallone

High Commissioner for the African Continent

Cesar Augusto Roberto Herrera Sala

Delegate for Panama

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About us

Today, thanks to the joint effort, we are the "World Organization for Peace" which complements and accompanies, but does not replace the main function and responsibility of governments to promote development and well-being, to enforce human rights and protect human rights. ecosystems.