World Organization for Peace
How do we work? As an International Organization we take on the role of a spokesperson, we become the path of those in need and at the same time, we help fill the gaps, that sometimes, governments cannot cover but never by replacing the government’s primary function and responsibility. We work as vehicle to meet our objectives, we work on essential areas such as education, culture, peace projects, sport, health, environment, infrastructure, and social development. We are able to fulll these challenges by establishing strategies, programs, alliances and actions to preserve peace all around the world. Additionally, we develop tools and values which enable us to instill a peace culture through humanitarian projects in all the inhabitants of planet Earth.
Mission The mission of the World Organization for Peace is to preserve human life inside and outside Earth, it is determined to take actions for the destiny of humanity and to contribute with endless policies as a specific objective, to promote a culture of peace and goodwill among all people, to make a call to all nations and media around the world to participate in their own way of work for a culture of peace. Fight for dignity, existence and legitimate rights and for an end to hostility among all human beings, promote dialogue and negotiations as a path to a better peaceful coexistence.
By 2030, the World Organization for Peace will have presence in more countries around the world, will have developed more social programs that will help to cover the needs of the most vulnerable groups. It will also have more members committed to the work philosophy of the WOFP, humanity. It will have demonstrated that peace is a positive, tangible and attainable measure of human well-being and development. By then, the WOFP will be recognized globally for its contribution and active participation in the peaceful resolution of disputes, for its fight to end discrimination, inequality and violence.

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About us

Today, thanks to the joint effort, we are the "World Organization for Peace" which complements and accompanies, but does not replace the main function and responsibility of governments to promote development and well-being, to enforce human rights and protect human rights. ecosystems.